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Reflections on COP26

One of the best comment pieces we have seen after the COP26 meetings in Glasgow last November comes from Kuki Rokhum who works with EFICOR in India. Kuki is a veteran COP-attender (unlike your editor, who has managed to not attend any COP meeting up to now!) and does a […]

In Memoriam…

In the closing days of the last year, the environmental and creation care family lost several important figures, in addition to those like Renee Padilla whose passing we noted earlier in the year. Among those whom we have lost recently are the following: Bishop Desmond Tutu was most well-known for […]

WEA Sustainability Center becomes part of the WEA Global Advocacy department

The World Evangelical Alliance Sustainability Center (WEASC) based in Bonn/Germany has recently become part of the WEA Global Advocacy department. Over the past years, WEA’s engagement at the United Nations at key locations such as Bonn/Germany (Sustainability), Geneva (Human Rights) and New York (Peace, general UN liaison) has gained momentum […]

COP26 Update from CCOP: Hayhoe and Buttigieg

Transportation Day (Catriona Jenkins, Kari Miller and Norman Wirzba) Today is Transportation Day here at COP26. The importance of this theme cannot be emphasized enough; as much as 30% of greenhouse gases are produced by the transportation sector. Most people live within and depend upon a global economy in which […]