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Stories from the general news media that are of interest to network members.

A Plague of Snakes

Our friends in Australia can’t get a break from a series of almost biblical plagues. Drought. Wildfires. Mice. and now… snakes? Booming mouse numbers have provided a rodent smorgasbord which, combined with the environment’s continued fightback from drought making for more cover, has created perfect conditions for snake species’ to […]

Young Evangelicals telling their stories

Rolling Stone has a great story profiling several Young Evangelicals for Climate Action fellows. Here’s a taste: That conversation eventually led [William] Morris to spend a month doing volunteer work with a Christian conservation organization in Kenya, cataloging rare bird species, mapping mangrove forests, and collecting data on coral reefs. […]

Enviro news – bits and pieces

Some of the headlines that have come across our desk in the last month: Inspiring Student in France Creates Environmental App to Motivate Others to Make a Difference Daily – A new report from the Cambridge Sustainability Commission reveals that the world’s wealthiest 5% were responsible for well over a […]

The Blue Bird of Happiness – not just a metaphor

This story is for anyone who needs to justify spending money on equipment for birding… or birdseed… or anything else related to our feathered friends. It turns out that birds can bring more happiness than money does. Check it out here: In our pursuit of that elusive thing called happiness, […]