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Stories from the general news media that are of interest to network members.

Flooding in Western Kenya

We received a one-line message from Kenya this week: This is what has happened in West Pokot in Kenya.¬† We must be serious about Environment.. A picture was attached: The picture says enough, but if you’d like to read more, click here. Pray for the people of West Pokot district, […]

Climate progress?

It’s easy to be discouraged about climate change these days. But there are some good things happening. This list from Climate Caretakers is encouraging and worth reviewing: Led by Greta Thunberg, a very inspiring Swedish teenager, a dynamic and¬†widespread youth movement is finally rising to lead the way on climate […]

Job listing: A Rocha Canada

A Rocha Canada is looking for a Director for their outreach work in Ontario: Currently A Rocha Canada focuses its efforts in British Columbia, Manitoba and Ontario. The Ontario Director will make a significant impact on the community and the surrounding landscape by growing the Cedar Haven Eco-Centre, Hamilton Hub […]