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Plastics and God

Bob Sluka of A Rocha has just published a new book through Grove addressing the problem of plastics. (We seem to be talking about plastics a lot this month – here’s a story about a possible solution in Malawi)(and about books from Grove!) Here’s the blurb on Bob’s booklet: Plastic […]

The Weight of Our Stuff…

Did you ever spend much time thinking about the weight of the “stuff” the comprises your life? Essayist David Farrier has: what confronted me was not the airiness of my home but its weight: the immense burden of materials that mark my place on the Earth. I read how a […]

Journal Article: Eco-Theology and Environmental Leadership in Orthodox and Evangelical Perspectives in Russia and Ukraine

Alexander Negrov and Alexander Malov, both with Hodos Institute (Ukraine), have published an important research article examining attitudes toward Eco-Theology among both Orthodox and Evangelical religious leaders in the Eastern Europe region. We applaud this work – and encourage other regions to do the same kind of research (and tell […]