Update on Peter Harris and the Naylor family

Many are concerned and praying for Peter Harris, who was badly injured on 28 October in a motorway accident that killed his wife Miranda, as well as A Rocha CEO Chris Naylor and his wife Susanna. (Full bios here) This is a brief update from Dave Bookless (current as of 20 November):

There was a beautiful and emotional thanksgiving service for Chris and Susanna Naylor on Monday 18th, which I had the huge privilege of leading. Almost 500 attended from all across the world, as we heard about their extraordinary work and legacy in Lebanon and then globally through A Rocha.
Peter Harris suffered severe chest injuries and punctured lungs . He is recovering remarkably although still in much pain. He’s out of hospital and walking again but resting for another 10 days to strengthen his lungs before flying back to the UK. Please pray for him as he continues to process the loss of his beloved Miranda, and his precious colleagues and friends.
A Rocha as a global family are still in shock and deep grief. We’ve been overwhelmed with love and practical support from individuals and Christian organisations, but a lot rests on our very small International management team, now led by David McKay as interim Executive Director. We need great wisdom to avoid burnout, know which  commitments to drop and which to continue with, and how we should restructure long-term. We are convinced God will use this tragedy in remarkable ways for his Kingdom … but we don’t know how just yet!

Donations in memory of the three who died may be made here.