Welcome to The Pollinator! Here you will find items of interest submitted by members of the Lausanne/WEA Creation Care Network who are scattered across 130 countries. This material will fall into several categories:

  • Reports (events, initiatives, projects that have happened already).
  • Announcements and prayer (events etc. that are planned in the near future).
  • Opportunities (conferences, materials, resources that others may find helpful).
  • Resources (books, curriculum, tools that may be useful to you in your own work).
  • News (items from the general media related to creation care and the environment).

All of this material comes from people like you. Please send us your items – reports on what you have done, requests for prayer about upcoming activities, events you would like to invite people to attend. We will post everything we receive here that is related to creation care and will publish a selection in the Pollinator newsletter each month. Click here for guidelines and how to submit a news item.

Recent news stories:

This is cool: birdsongs at the click of a mouse

Go to this website (picture above) and click on any of the birds… you’ll hear their song. These are North American birds. For a wider selection covering other parts of the world, try this one. And then grab those binocs and get outdoors to listen for yourself!

Free online: Non-toxic Solutions for Wildlife Conflict

As the human community expands across the globe, more and more communities find themselves in conflict with the animals that used to live where people have taken over. From elephants in India and Africa to wolves in the US, such conflict is economically damaging for people and often deadly for […]

Useful articles from Biologos

Biologos is becoming one of our go-to sites for solid scientific *and* biblical resources. These two articles showed up recently and are worth your time: End Times and the Environment: Steven Bouma-Prediger from Hope College tackles the perennial dilemma confronting evangelical Christians: what to do (or think) when traditional interpretations […]

Change is good…

With the coming of the new year, we’re seeing some changes in the creation care landscape in the US (besides the monumental shift in Washington DC). While these changes primarily affect our American readers, they will undoubtedly be of interest to the rest of you as well: Changing of the […]

God, Country and Climate Change: *Free* course at Houghton College

There are good things happening at Houghton College, a small Christian college in New York state that is doing big things with creation care. In 2015 they installed what was then the largest solar system of any college in New York State (3.1 million kilowatt hours). This year they introduced […]

Online Seminar for Russian Speakers

The Creation Care movement is starting to speed up in Eastern Europe through the efforts of the Hodos Institute and others in the region. Dr. Alexander Negrov has organized an international online seminar primarily for Russian speakers on 20 February 2021 from 18:00 to 21:00 Kyiv time (16:00-19:00 UTC) on […]

It’s not all bad news…

The numbers are starting to come in on how we did environmentally in 2020… On the good news side of the ledger, global carbon emissions appear to have fallen by 7%, which is a record. Let us not, of course, lose sight of the fact that this reduction came at […]

Eco Church: 3,000 churches – and now international

Eco Church is a wildly successful program engaging Christians at the congregational level in practical creation care activity. The original UK program, run by A Rocha UK, now has more than 3,000 congregations in England and Wales. New Zealand has just announced their own version of Eco Church – read […]

Creation Care: An Optional Extra?

It’s a question that church and ministry leaders have been asking for years: Is Creation Care important or essential? Is this something all of us need to be involved in, or just a few specialists, with the rest of us cheering them on? Our friends at Global Connections (UK), Climate […]

Quite enough? Indeed..

Our major gift-giving season has passed, but many of us will still be needing to find ways to express appreciation for others in our lives throughout the year – birthdays, anniversaries, graduations. This video, intended for the 2020 gift season, can be a suitable reminder that there are better ways […]