Welcome to The Pollinator! Here you will find items of interest submitted by members of the Lausanne/WEA Creation Care Network who are scattered across 130 countries. This material will fall into several categories:

  • Reports (events, initiatives, projects that have happened already).
  • Announcements and prayer (events etc. that are planned in the near future).
  • Opportunities (conferences, materials, resources that others may find helpful).
  • Resources (books, curriculum, tools that may be useful to you in your own work).
  • News (items from the general media related to creation care and the environment).

All of this material comes from people like you. Please send us your items – reports on what you have done, requests for prayer about upcoming activities, events you would like to invite people to attend. We will post everything we receive here that is related to creation care and will publish a selection in the Pollinator newsletter each month. Click here for guidelines and how to submit a news item.

Recent news stories:

“Saving Us” Book Club

Brittany (Ederer) Michalski is hosting a book club on Katharine Hayhoe’s new book, Saving Us. The club runs from September 21 through November 11, and the timing is intended for participants in the US, but night-owls in other parts of the world can certainly join in if you like. Saving […]

Plastics and God

Bob Sluka of A Rocha has just published a new book through Grove addressing the problem of plastics. (We seem to be talking about plastics a lot this month – here’s a story about a possible solution in Malawi)(and about books from Grove!) Here’s the blurb on Bob’s booklet: Plastic […]

Turning waste into jobs in Malawi

Tiyanjana Banda wants to do something about the problem of solid waste in Malawi. He sees it as a blessing in disguise thanks to a machine he has designed that will turn plastic waste into building blocks: I have developed a Social Enterprise that will create employment for young people […]

Wildfires in the Middle East

Climate change driven disasters seem to be global this year. In the US and Canada summer wildfires are a regular occurrence: we’re now seeing reports of similar disasters almost everywhere. This report out of Turkey is typical: ISTANBUL, Aug 1 (Reuters) – The death toll from wildfires on Turkey’s southern […]

New Creation Care Discipleship book (yes, ebook too!)

Rachel Mash, our favourite Green Anglican in South Africa, has authored a new discipleship book that you may want to take a look at. Published by Grove Books in the UK, it is available in ebook format (PDF) for those of us in other parts of the globe. Here’s the […]

The moon wobbles? Who knew?

From the we-bet-you-didn’t-know-this department: A report from NASA (here; in laymen’s language here) reminds us that there are irregularities in the moon’s orbit (“wobbles” to the common person) on an 18.6 year cycle that affect earth’s tides, with half of the cycle producing lower-than-normal tides, and the other half resulting […]

Renewing the Oikos of God

Season of Creation is almost upon us again. The period from 1 September through 4 October is observed by Christians and churches all over the world as a time to celebrate and work toward healing God’s creation. This year’s theme is “A home for all? Renewing the Oikos of God”. […]

Ghana Plants 5 Million Trees

We have received the following report on a major tree-planting effort in Ghana. This came from LWCCN member Rev. Ebenezer Yaw Blasu: (note, this was a pre-event announcement, but the event was successfully concluded according to news reports): Here In Ghana, the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Mr Samuel […]

New Children’s book: Planet Protectors

It’s probably not an overstatement that the world is drowning in creation care books – but it would also be true that there aren’t very many such books designed for children (but check out this SS curriculum we recently wrote about). Paul Kerensa and Ruth Valerio are remedying that with […]

Creation at the Crossroads 2 Videos are available

For those who might have wanted to participate in Creation at the Crossroads 2 but were not able to do so, plenary session videos are now available. This convening focused on training in sharing our stories and the presentations were excellent. Some of us might find them useful in our […]