Welcome to The Pollinator! Here you will find items of interest submitted by members of the Lausanne/WEA Creation Care Network who are scattered across 130 countries. This material will fall into several categories:

  • Reports (events, initiatives, projects that have happened already).
  • Announcements and prayer (events etc. that are planned in the near future).
  • Opportunities (conferences, materials, resources that others may find helpful).
  • Resources (books, curriculum, tools that may be useful to you in your own work).
  • News¬†(items from the general media related to creation care and the environment).

All of this material comes from people like you. Please send us your items Рreports on what you have done, requests for prayer about upcoming activities, events you would like to invite people to attend. We will post everything we receive here that is related to creation care and will publish a selection in the Pollinator newsletter each month. Click here for guidelines and how to submit a news item.  If you are new to our community, click here to see our past monthly newsletters.

Recent news stories:

COP27: How to stay in touch and pray

An impressive number of Christian organizations attend the United Nations COP climate conferences each year, and many of them will be sending regular updates from COP27 so the rest of us can keep up to date with what is happening on the ground in Sharm el Sheikh, and pray intelligently […]

Christianity Today: Ed Brown reflects on 10 years of global campaigning

Photo: Christianity Today Last month we noted the ending of the Lausanne/WEA Creation Care and the Gospel Global Campaign with our final conference for the Middle East North Africa region that was held in Jordan. Christianity Today’s Middle Eastern correspondent was at the conference and interviewed Lausanne Catalyst Ed Brown […]

Brazil Election: Good news for the Amazon, but an uphill struggle remains

The eyes of much of the environmental movement were on Brazil this week as that nation faced an electoral choice with enormous consequences for the Amazon rainforest, and indeed, for the future of the world. President-elect Lula da Silva won by a tiny margin, and faces huge challenges, as we […]

Pakistan Floods: an update

The nature of the news cycle is such that a disaster last week quickly fades, and one that occurred two months ago might as well not have happened. The Pakistan floods, did happen, however, and even though almost half a million people are back in their flood-ravaged homes, at least […]

Fracking takes its toll

Fracking (a technique for increasing the yield of oil and gas wells) has long been controversial. It has been in the news in the UK as a backdrop to their Prime Minister turmoil – banned in 2019, unbanned by Liz Truss, and then re-banned last week by the UK’s latest […]

Kenya Drought: an update

We received the following plea for prayer from a friend of LWCCN working with the Maasai in Kenya. There are many such stories happening around the world right now; perhaps this short glimpse into one of these tragedies can help us all to focus our prayers and other efforts on […]

10 years and 13 conferences later, the Global Campaign has ended.

The Global Campaign for Creation Care and the Gospel began in November 2012 with the Jamaica Consultation. At that meeting an idea was born to bring the creation care message to the global church as quickly as possible. Ten years later, even with a global pandemic, we can say that […]

Reading and resources from BioLogos

BioLogos is always a good source for information from scientists about God’s creation. A couple of articles we have noted recently: If you have struggled with jet lag (many Pollinator readers have!), you might appreciate learning more about the different ways that God has embedded clocks within his creation. Or […]

Creation Care News Highlights

We have collected the following recent news stories from around the web. Some of them may be of interest to you: In Europe, bus stops are sprouting pollinator gardens… “Earth is our only shareholder” – the CEO of Patagonia gives away the entire company. Australia wants to bring the extinction […]

Justice Conference: Hope and Justice in a Time of Climate Crisis

There are few situations in our modern world more fraught with injustice than climate change. We are pleased to note that The Justice Conference, Brittany Michalski, A Rocha USA’s Project Coordinator for Climate Stewards USA, is inviting us to join The Justice Conference in Denver, CO this weekend. It is […]