Guidelines for News Notes Submissions

A network thrives on communication. Many of us working to care for God's creation feel alone. We are separated from each other by distance, by nationality, by language. But we are united in our concern for God's creation, and in our desire to bring healing to his world. We can help each other by sharing what is happening in our corner of the world, and by praying for each other. We may even discover that there are people closer to us than we knew who are doing things similar to what we're doing – and we can help each other!

The News Notes section of this website is designed to help this kind of communication to happen. It will be successful as members of the network share with each other on these pages. 

  • You can share your news by sending us an email with News Notes in the subject line. English is preferred but use any language you are comfortable with – we'll find a way to translate it!
  • Please follow these simple guidelines. Your item should be in one of these categories:
    • A report about an activity, project, event, or campaign that has already happened. Tell us where and when this happened, what you did, how many people were involved, what was accomplished. What organizations were involved? Attach pictures. Send us links to any reports in the media that might have been written. We will probably edit your report for length, but we'd love to have the details in our files.
    • An announcement about a project, event or campaign you are planning so we can pray for you. Include some details; someone near you may like to participate.
    • An opportunity others may want to hear about: a conference or training, a new book or interesting article, resources that you have found helpful.
  • We will publish your submissions on this page and will include many of them in the monthly network newsletter, The Pollinator. If you are not on that mailing list, please click here to add your name.

If you have other questions or need some kind of direct assistance with a creation care activity, plan or project*, feel free to write to us about those things as well. We will not publish these items, but we are happy to do what we can. *We are happy to provide consultation and suggestions, but don't ask us for financial support; the Creation Care Network is not in a position to provide grants.