Project 20.’25: Global Evangelical Clean Energy Initiative

At the end of 2019 LWCCN launched the Global Evangelical Clean Energy Initiative, which is a commitment by the WEA to help 20 percent of the global evangelical footprint—that is evangelical churches, schools, clinics, households, etc., convert to clean renewable energy by the year 2025. Project 20.’25 –which highlights the 20 percent by 2025 commitment, is the program designed to help accomplish this goal.

Achieving this target is going to require a global groundswell of grassroots leadership to initiate local, regional, and national initiatives under the Project 20.25 banner to start up–and partner up. For example, we’ve launched Project 20.25: USA, which you can read about in this article recently published in Christianity Today (

We are already working with partners on Project 20.25: Uganda bringing much needed solar energy to churches and medical clinics to rural areas, and since the WEA’s General Assembly in November we’ve begun exploring opportunities with partners in Liberia, Sierra Leone, the South Pacific, and Europe for 2020.  We’re also planning an Evangelical Clean Energy Summit in Dec. 2020 at COP26 in Glasgow to help strategize and advance this global effort. If you are interested in any of these initiatives please contact Dr. Chris Elisara, Director of the WEA Creation Care Task Force at