Earth Month Statement from CEDEC (Peru)

Colectivo Evangelico Defensores de la Creacion, an Evangelical group in Peru, has issued a statement regarding Covid-19 in the context of this month in which we will be marking the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

Without putting aside the serious threat that the pandemic Covid-19 represents for mankind, as well as the strict compliance of the control methods promoted by governments, we bleive that this is a consequence of the environmental chaos produced by activities such as the trading of wild animals, the destruction of forests, and climate change.

In that sense, the pandemic is also an expression of a major crisis centered on the producetion of societies and their relationship with nature. We as Evangelical Christians believe that the current pandemic represents a call from creation to awaken social and environmental consciousness…

The document concludes

We call out to society in general and particularly to the church, to remember that THE EARTH BELONGS TO GOD AND IT IS FOR HIS HONOR, not to serve as economical, individual and anthropocentric interests. The earth is for the common good and for the joy in the justice of all beings that inhabit it and for all generations.