Creation Care Video Series – Episode 3: Biblical Foundations

The Lausanne/WEA Creation Care Network is releasing episodes of the Lausanne Global Classroom Creation Care series daily over the next two weeks. (If you can’t wait, you can view the entire series here). We know if you’re stuck at home, you are probably watching a lot of videos already. But these are special – check them out.

This set of 12 videos (each 5 – 7 minutes) covers the entire topic of creation care through a set of diverse global voices from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America. It is designed for a personal introduction, for use in small group settings, or even as part of a worship services. As with all Lausanne materials, the Creation Care Global Classroom series can be downloaded and used free of charge. If you are planning to use them in a course, feel free to mix-and-match; they don’t have to be used in any particular order.

A study and discussion guide for the series is available here.

Episode3: Biblical Foundations. Creation Care is not a fringe topic; rather, it is “a golden thread” running throughout all of scripture. Watch this episode – you will never read the Bible the same again!