Bloom where you are planted…

Or, “Five Ways to Participate in Creation Care Where You’re Planted” – an article on the OMF website by Jasmine Kwong that is worth reading and passing along to people you might know who could use a brief, well-written introduction to the topic of creation care.

Here’s her introduction:

Creation care highlights two truths for us. First, “creation” reminds us there is a Creator, the One who spoke the whole created order into being, humans and non-humans alike.

Second, “care” reminds us that humanity, as the image-bearers of God, is not meant to simply co-exist with the rest of the natural world. Instead, humanity is tasked with a special role of caring for the rest of creation – we love as God loves all of His creation.Humanity’s care of creation is about living out our dynamic, not passive, responsibility to the rest of creation.

When it comes to passion and purpose, many of us don’t draw a personal connection to the natural world. If it’s not part of our professional training or interest, we make excuses: “I don’t have a green thumb”, “I don’t really like animals” or “I don’t know the science behind soil erosion or ocean acidification”.

These kinds of excuses can lead us to conclude creation care is not for us since we don’t witness its impact at the personal level. It may be even harder to see the direct correlation between caring for creation and our Christian faith and discipleship.

Creation care should not be a sideline issue for followers of Jesus. Our love for Jesus is directly connected to knowing that the One we worship is also Lord of all creation, the King of the entire cosmos. We must remember then that our deepening personal relationship with the Creator of the universe is interconnected with cultivating a flourishing relationship with the rest of creation.

Where do we begin? Here are five keys to guide us…

Click through for Jasmine’s five keys. You’ll be glad you did!

Jasmine Kwong serves with OMF, as well as serving as a member of the LWCCN leadership team. She is currently based in the Philippines where she is raising awareness about creation care issues and engaging with other like-minded people. She often admires the many endemic species found only in these islands and when possible, she enjoys diving below the surface among beautiful corals. She shares the vision of shalom where one day all of humanity will reconcile with their Creator and the rest of creation.