Online course at Au Sable Institute: Environmental Change and Infectious Disease

Au Sable Institute has had to move its course offerings online, along with everyone else. This one is open to anyone (there is a fee) and is timely considering the topic. Here’s the course description:

This course is perfect for all lifelong learners who are interested in this topic and support Au Sable’s mission to inspire and educate people to serve, protect, and restore God’s earth. A few of the questions that will be covered in this course include:

• How did SARS-CoV2, the novel coronavirus that has caused death and suffering for millions, become a human pathogen?

• How do human influences on our environment affect existing and emerging infectious diseases?

• What about all the other disease-causing organisms out there? What’s next?

• I feel so small – what can I do about any of this? How does my Christian faith inform my response?

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NOTE that the registration deadline is July 17.