Free online: Non-toxic Solutions for Wildlife Conflict

5 Things You May Not Know About Human - Wildlife Conflict ...

As the human community expands across the globe, more and more communities find themselves in conflict with the animals that used to live where people have taken over. From elephants in India and Africa to wolves in the US, such conflict is economically damaging for people and often deadly for the animals involved.

FreeMeWildlife, an organization in South Africa, is offering a free Zoom conference on Non-toxic Solutions for Wildlife Conflict 18 February at 1500 UTC (we think; check the posting for time in your area):

Join Michaela White this February for an in-depth talk about the various non-toxic methods that can be used in human/wildlife conflict situations. From an overpopulation of rodents, bats in rooves, or even if you have little critters using your home as a nesting site. Allow us to assist you with how to correctly deal with these problems to benefit both yourself and the animal affected! This talk will take place on Zoom. Please book your spot through Facebook or by emailing

There appears to be a nominal charge for those not affiliated with the organization.

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