Eco-Sunday in June – are you ready?

Kuki Rokhum, EFICOR in India, has sent the following message inviting churches throughout India to set aside one Sunday this month as Eco-Sunday to celebrate God’s creation.

And we thought – why should churches in Indian have all the fun? What about the rest of the world? Here’s Kuki’s message, with resources linked below. We’re not sure how many of you can use the Hindi versions, but you might find the English helpful. If you’d like to communicate with Kuki, send us a note at and we’ll send it on to her:

We are facing the destruction of the environment and loss of biodiversity like never before – destruction of land and forests, increase in pollution, the climate crisis, and overuse of natural resources. The resources and natural systems that we depend on are starting to collapse. Pandemics, like the current COVID-19 crisis, will threaten us more frequently if biodiversity loss is not slowed. It is more urgent than ever to restore damage to creation. 

It is that time of year when we observe one Sunday in the month of June as Eco-Sunday. The theme for this year is “LIVING IN PEACE WITH NATURE”. When God created the world he placed human beings in a garden – which had all that was needed for sustainable living – a storehouse of all the needs, a beautiful place where all creation lived in harmony.

We invite you to join us this year to focus on Nature – how can we as Christians take care of God’s beautiful creation and all that live on this planet. We hope the package we have prepared will open our eyes and help us to think deeper on this. Due to the restrictions of the lockdown we are also aware that churches will not be able to meet together. Also unlike previous years we are not able to print the package – which in many ways also helps in preserving forests as we use less paper. Please use these resources as appropriate for your congregation or group. 

Check the following materials (poster, booklet, sample sermon, feedback form). We’ve left out the Hindi versions, but if you want those, just ask!