Christian Music takes on Climate Change!

Now, this is cool! Having grown up in the 1960’s, I (Ed Brown) remember the power of songs – “We Shall Overcome” (civil rights), “Blowin’ in the Wind” (anti-war). Successful movements need song – and the Christian Music community is ready to help by creating the first Christian worship album that focuses on Climate Change.

From the official announcement:

Today we are launching the Climate Vigil Campaign and a crowd funder for phase one—creating the world’s first, major Christian worship album focused on the climate crisis. We believe that the Church has an incredible opportunity right now to move the world forward toward addressing the injustice of climate change. Like other movements for justice, we need music to inspire, guide, and empower us to do the work that needs to be done. Together with your help, these songs will be sung by millions of Christians around the world as together, we pray, march, take personal faith-consistent actions, and demand effective actions by governments, businesses, and civil society for the sake of God’s world and for our neighbor’s good.

Press release:

AUGUST 25, 2021—Today, Christian organizations launched the #ClimateVigil campaign, calling on millions of Christians in the US and around the world to “light a candle for our climate.” #ClimateVigil arrives on the heels of the latest UN scientific report on climate change, which confirms what many people can now see with their own eyes: that dangerous climate impacts are upon us and the consequences will be even worse than they are now unless we all take urgent action.

ClimateVigil released this launch video on its website and Indiegogo crowdfunding page.

The first phase of the #ClimateVigil campaign is to produce the world’s first, major Christian music album to focus on the climate crisis. The renowned Christian worship collective, The Porter’s Gate Worship Project, is recording the album in Paris this September. (To pre-order the album and support the #ClimateVigil campaign, you can find #ClimateVigil on Major musicians have already signed on as songwriters and recording artists: Paul Zach, Liz Vice, Jonathan Ogden, Leslie Jordan, Latifah Alattas, Andy Squyres, IAMSON, Ike Ndolo, Kate Bluett, John Arndt, and Jon Guerra. More artists are signing on and will be announced soon.

“The Porters Gate community is excited to bring the Biblical conversation about caring for God’s creation and advocating for climate justice deeper into the church through worship and music,” said Isaac Wardell, Director of The Porter’s Gate. “We are singing together what we believe about God’s love for everyone, the value of His created world, and our commitment to caring for His creation and each other,” added Wardell.

“Climate change affects all of us, but especially those who have contributed least to the problem and have the fewest resources to adapt, like the poor, our kids, and future generations,” shared Rev. Kyle Meyaard-Schaap, Vice President of the Evangelical Environmental Network, one of the organizations behind the #ClimateVigil campaign. “That’s an injustice that the church needs to respond to. And like other movements for justice, we need songs to sustain, guide, and inspire us. We believe this worship album can provide the church with those songs as it seeks to respond faithfully to the climate crisis.”