Creation Care and Campus Outreach in the DRC

Students in Kisangani praying for God’s creation and for blessing on a woman caring for endangered species here.

We have received an excellent report from Eraston Kighoma about a four day ministry trip he recently took to the city of Kisangani (1.2 million people, largest city in the the northeast part of the DRC). Dr. Kighoma, who works with the Centre for Intercultural Missions and Research in Goma DRC, is an excellent example of someone who combines a passion for evangelism with deep concern for God’s creation.

Here’s a portion of his report:

As the second day, Dr Eraston Kighoma dealing with integral mission focused his teaching on the urgency to serve and join God in the restoration of the relationship of the congolese people with God, with self, with others in a conflict community, and with creation. In light of 2 Thessalonians 2:8, he called Christian student to a ministry of service and love in a broken world in which, even the creation is “awaiting the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God” (the Bible) who need to act for its restoration.

Participants decided to visit the biological zoo located at the exit of the city. Since the start of the university of Kisangani this natural forest accommodated wild protected spices of animals among which baboons, monkeys, a lion, tortoises, crocodiles, and snakes. During wars the Ugandan troops killed the lion and this park remained with few animals which are to date not well protected. It was a shock for students to realize that DRC has such great sites that fit to educate the next generation on the need to care for creation. Most students had never had the experience of seeing a live wild animal but always eat wild meet as it is sold publicly on the market. As I travelled back from Kisangani I almost cried as I saw ladies selling wild meet in the airport ground to travellers.

As I came back I was sick with a bit of malaria but my heart was full of the conviction that our ministry need to something in equipping Christian unions’ leaders on integral mission and care of creation. The students huge population of this city ( most of them accommodated in hostels on campuses) is such a wonderful opportunity to invest in the next generation and gain the university world in Congo for Christ through a holistic and transformational work in Kisangani. Furthermore, Kisangani is a gateway city for Isiro, Bumba, Lubutu, Nyanya, and other provinces of Nothern and Northeastern DRC. Therefore, investing in the equipment of the mission force from Kisangani is worth preparing a cross-cultural missionary endeavors that will reach the unreached areas of DRC surch as Niangara where the Mbororo have established their homes. In that vein need we need to organize the following mission work in Kisangani:

1. Organize a training on Evangelism, Discipleship and holistic Ministry (EDM) for the 25 Christian unions’ leaders and IFES leadership targeting the campuses of Kisangani

2. Organizing a mobilization conference on Care for creation in Kisangani with Christian leaders (university, church, and the National institute of conservation). This one will aim at calling these groups to team up for care of creation and encourage livelihoods activities (livestoking, farming God’s way, etc.) and thus, reduce the destruction of creation and protected species.

3. Organize a summer camp for Christian unions and youth leaders in Kisangani on the approach of Oasis of hope for holistic and transformational ministries in the context of that region.

Read his full report below.