Learning opportunity: “Our entangled existence”


We have recently learned of a new nonprofit organization (Kinship Plot) with some interesting ideas for learning more about God’s creation and ourselves. Heads up, though. Their next “learning cohort” has already begun, though they are willing to hold registration open for a couple of days for readers of The Pollinator.

Here’s what founder Wesley Vander Lugt has to say:

My wife Stephanie and I recently started a nonprofit called Kinship Plot, which exists to imagine and embody mutual relationships of every kind, including relationship with non-human creatures and the earth. We advance our mission through collaborative learning, formative artistry, contemplative action, slow cultivation, and liberatory welcome. You can learn more on our website and subscribe to our newsletter here.

Our next online learning cohort is called Our Entangled Existence, and it’s all about studying our kinship with non-human creatures and what this means for our identity, lives, and mission as Christians. I’ll attach the graphic below, but folks can sign up here (there’s one more week to sign up), and there will be one meeting per month from Jan-May 2022 with readings in between.