Living Hopefully in Costa Rica – a conversation with Ruth Padilla DeBorst

Casa Adobe, Ruth Padilla DeBorst’s home and place of ministry

There is no question that Ruth Padilla DeBorst is one of our favorite people. She combines a love for God and his people with a genuine passion for his creation, and communicates it all with gentleness and compassion. Here’s an opportunity to listen to Ruth share some of her thoughts on living in hope in a conversation with Peter Harris and Bryony Loveless on an episode of the A Rocha Field Notes podcast.

Here’s the description:

How do we keep going after trauma and tragedy? How can we avoid becoming overwhelmed and despairing in the face of the environmental catastrophe unfolding before our very eyes?

Ruth Padilla DeBorst is a renowned Latin American theologian based in Costa Rica, where she lives in Casa Adobe, an intentional community committed to living as good neighbours in right relation with people and the rest of creation. She is a long-time friend and former trustee of A Rocha International.

In this profoundly moving conversation with Peter and Bryony, she talks about how a terrible personal tragedy 24 years ago brought her to a new understanding of God’s compassion for our suffering and the importance of honest lament.

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