Webinar May 6: Creation Care in a War Zone

We considered the general topic of trying to care for God’s creation in a time of war in last month’s Pollinator, and we would like to invite you to join us on Friday, 6 May 1200 UTC, for an extended discussion of this question, considering wars in both Ukraine and Africa as well as how the Bible can help us.

Here is the invitation:

Few things create greater moral and spiritual dilemmas than wars. Titanic struggles pit nation against nation, good against evil, with enormous pain and suffering inflicted on those least responsible. Often overlooked in a time of war is the damage inflicted on God’s creation, damage that may take generations to repair. How do we pursue care for God’s creation in such a time? And what might we learn about the unrelenting war against God’s creation that goes on around the world, even in times of human “peace”?

Join us for a webinar, ‘Creation Care in a War Zone’. We will hear from some of those who are even now in Ukraine, others who have experienced war in Africa, and some creation care leaders who will share thoughts from the Bible.



Dr. Alexander Negrov, CEO of Hodos Institute 

Rev. Ed Brown, CEO, Care of Creation

Revd. Dr. Dave Bookless, Director of Theology, A Rocha International

Lausanne Global Catalyst for Creation Care

Alexander Malov, Director of Eco–Hodos Project, Hodos Institute

Dr. Eraston Kighoma, Executive Director at CIMR

And the link to register for webinar: https://forms.gle/HaeEUHHS5ugcw1e49

Please join us and share with your colleagues.