Reading and resources from BioLogos

BioLogos is always a good source for information from scientists about God’s creation. A couple of articles we have noted recently:

If you have struggled with jet lag (many Pollinator readers have!), you might appreciate learning more about the different ways that God has embedded clocks within his creation.

Or how about a little microscopic weirdness? “There might not be spinning planets and singing blackholes in the microscopic world, but there are spinning atoms, dancing and singing molecules, and microbes with comet tails that zoom around. If you ask me this is just as exciting and spectacular as the grandeur of the cosmos…Check out Seven Wonders of the Microcosm.

Or in a different direction, but just as important, the podcast series Creation Groans | World of Wounds. Here’s the description:

How should we respond to a problem that seems unsolvable? This is the question we ask in a series about the environmental crisis as we explore the fine line between hope and despair. In this episode we explore some of the wounds to the planet that often go unseen and we realize that the path to hope begins with the acknowledgement that the wounds are deep and troubling.