UN Water Conference 2023

In late March 2023, a team of WEA colleagues from the WEA Sustainability Center in Bonn and the WEA UN Liaison Office in New York participated in the UN Water Conference at the UN headquarters in New York to monitor its debates and decisions for the global evangelical community. On Friday, March 24, the conference came to a successful conclusion, even though the commitments and decisions could have been more ambitious and stronger in light of the global water and sanitation crisis. The most important result is the Water Action Agenda, for whose implementation voluntary commitments were registered by conference participants. At the end of the UN 2023 Water Conference, the total number of commitments was 708 and according to Csaba Kőrösi, President of the UN General Assembly, financial pledges made equal USD 300 billion. Another joyful outcome of the conference is the announcement that the role of a UN Special Envoy for Water will be established for the first time.

The WEA team has published daily update articles from New York (follow the links): Day 1Day 2Day 3Special article on the WEA’s side event during the UN Water Conference.