The John Stott Memorial Birding Day is back!

The John Stott memorial birding day was conceived to commemorate John Stott’s legacy, a fine theologian, and a passionate birder. A Rocha celebrates by encouraging the global family to go out into our wild spaces and spot as many bird species as possible in 24 hours.

This year, mark your calendars and ready your binoculars for 13th May 2023!

Further, this birding day coincides with eBirds ‘Global Big Day’. A Rocha shares that

By adding our checklists to eBird we are contributing to a vast, freely accessible wealth of information, where it can power data-driven approaches to conservation. In 2022 participants in the John Stott Birding Day in 19 countries logged an amazing 1,000 species! Let’s see if we can log even more this year.

Sound exciting? You can get involved by:

  1. Competing in the bird race
  2. Using the A Rocha resource for a bird-themed spiritual retreat
  3. Entering the photography competition
  4. Sharing your stories on the day in the Birding Day Facebook group

What are you waiting for? Ready your bird books, binos and let’s go! #johnstottbirding

For more details on all of these, please visit