Upcoming Event! Stott-Bediako Forum on Transformation Revisited: Mission and Gospel Imagination

We draw your attention to this upcoming Stott-Bediako Forum that will be held in Colombia from July 15-17 2024! There will also be a shorter online version of the programme in September. This forum is organised by INFEMIT, a group of evangelical theologians formed to advance holistic, contextual mission theology for the whole Church.

The Forum aims to bring together people all over the globe to fellowship, learn, and imagine as we explore what creative visions are needed to generate faithful gospel witness in our world today.

INFEMIT is also looking for sponsors and donors who can aid in allowing greater accessibility for this forum across the globe! If you or your organisation would be interested, or are able to recommend someone who would be, INFEMIT would be glad to hear from you! Should you be keen to find out more, please give this a read.

Join us in prayer for and participation at this Forum, and do check out their website for further details!