HAPPENING SOON! LWCCN Quarterly Webinar: Placemaking and Creation Care: A Christian Perspective

Save the Date! 

Time: 13.00 UTC (14.00 BST) | Date: 9 July 2024

Registration link: https://shorturl.at/HrFTb

Mark your calendars! The next LWCCN Webinar is here!

Join us in a couple of days for an inspiring webinar on Placemaking and Creation Care: A Christian Perspective, where we delve into the intersection of Christian faith, community, urban design, and creation care.

Dr. Chris Elisara, director of the WEA Sustainability Center, and friends will discuss the biblical foundations for Christian placemaking, offering toolsets and skillsets to help transform cities, towns, and neighborhoods into thriving places commensurate with God’s vision of shalom. Whether you’re a community leader, church member, or passionate creation care advocate, this webinar will help equip you to reimagine and work towards creating thriving cities, towns, and villages, which by definition are ecologically sustainable.

Register now to be part of this transformative conversation!

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