Season of Creation: Reports from Churches around the world

We are starting to receive reports from many places of Season of Creation activities and programs happening in local congregations. This is exciting! We will plan to continually update this post with brief notes as we receive them. Please continue to send your reports to Pictures are welcome!

Kenya – Nairobi: We thank God that Karen Community Church celebrates care of creation under missions month beginning today. Professor Mbaabu and I come from county in Meru where rivers and streams are drying up. We are pushing the community to become proactive in taking measures that mitigate redemption of water and vegetation on the eastern slopes of mount Kenya. We trust God to stand with us at this critical moment. God bless you and his work.

UK – Bristol: Redland Parish Church is featuring a full, month-long Creationtide program. This is a first for this Anglican church, and the program looks amazing! If you’re in that area, they would love to have you visit. Featured talks and presentations include:

  • “Is God Green” (various answers throughout the month)
  • “Urban Trees, Plastic Waste and drinking water fountains”
  • “Why the Gospel Matters to Tree Frogs”
  • and many more!

Click here for a look at the program or here for the Creationtide website.