World Day of Prayer for Creation: Report from South Africa

Rachel Mash, indefatigable creation care leader in South Africa and beyond, sent us this report on activities in her area during the recent World Day of Prayer celebrations.

The 1st of September is the World Day of Prayer for Creation and we normally plan an ecumenical service. In order to take it on line, a relationship was formed with youth from the Lutheran, Methodist, Catholic and DRC churches – and an organisation formed #together4creation.  A wonderful online service was held with input from each denomination.  Our guest speaker from the Green Lutherans shared his message from the car due to load shedding – where there is a will there is a way! One of the most powerful moments was when a young woman shared how working in the garden had helped to bring her healing after the loss of her father.

A joint video was prepared explaining the meaning and challenge of Season of Creation and Sunday meditations prepared by clergy from each denomination.

There will be a “Repurpose” Competition in the school holidays, you make something new ( re-purpose) from  a plastic item such as a plastic bottle and the most creative idea will win a prize.

The team gathered for a ‘nurdle clean up’ (nurdles are tiny pieces of plastic that are used to make plastic items) at Muizenberg Beach  and a planning session for the way forward.

You can join  #together4creation on our facebook page

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