Anglicans are Green (at least in Africa!)

Rachel Mash (South Africa) seems to be determined to show the rest of the world what Green really looks like. Two notices from the Green Anglicans recently are worth noting:

Clean up and tree planting in Kenya: The Anglican Church in Kenya posted this report of activities taking place in Machakos district a few hours drive southeast of Nairobi:

The Green Anglicans Movement in Machakos Diocese has upscaled its reach to the villages all in the spirit of inspiring care for creation. Over the weekend, the movement cleaned ikalaasa town area and planted trees. They also made use of the opportunity to evangelize the town.
They were led by the Diocesan Mission Coordinator, the Administrative Secretary clergy and Christians around the diocese for the full day of clean up. The event was organized by the Diocesean Youth Organizer, Rev. Simon Kavita.

Taking on Single Use Plastic: The Anglican Church of Southern Africa recently passed a resolution regarding single-use plastic. Here is the last section of the resolution:

[The Anglican Church of Southern Africa] Resolves to:
Call on ACSA to become a 
#zerowaste Church and call on Parishes and Dioceses to commit to becoming Zerowaste by;
1. Not using plastic bottled water;
2. Not using Styrofoam;
3. Reducing paper as much as possible;
4. Setting up compost heaps and food gardens where possible;
5. Installing recycling bins for church and, if possible, for community;
6. Not using plastic cutlery, cups, water bottles and straws;
7. Displaying a #zerowaste signs at the church;
8. Calls on the governments of South Africa, Eswatini, Lesotho, Namibia, Angola, Mozambique and St Helena to ban single use plastic as a matter of urgency.

Thank you, sisters and brothers in Africa, for being an example and a light to the rest of us. Now, where are the Green Baptists, Green Presbyterians, Green Charismatics? Now it’s your turn!