Lausanne Global Classroom: Free video resource

We are pleased to announce the release of a new, free video resource from our friends at Lausanne Global Classroom. This is a collection of 12 five to seven minute videos that can be used individually or all together in teaching about creation care.

Here is the description of the resource:

This Classroom episode is on Creation Care, a critically important aspect for the global church and mission. Stewardship of God’s creation (creation care) is a clear biblical command and an integral part of what it means to follow Jesus as Lord. “If Jesus is Lord of all the earth, we cannot separate our relationship to Christ from how we act in relation to the earth. For to proclaim the gospel that says ‘Jesus is Lord’ is to proclaim the gospel that includes the earth, since Christ’s Lordship is over all creation. Creation care is thus a gospel issue within the Lordship of Christ.” (The Cape Town Commitment I-7-A). But that’s not all: God’s creation is in the midst of a crisis that is ‘pressing, urgent, and that must be resolved in our generation’ (Jamaica Call to Action). This crisis, of which climate change and massive biodiversity loss are just a part, represents an existential threat to the future of human society. This Global Classroom helps fulfill the goal of engaging the church in various aspects of creation care, and seeks to inspire young leaders, established leaders, churches, organizations, and movements to understand the importance of creation care in all their ventures. 

You will hear voices from around the world including Lausanne Catalysts Ed Brown and Dave Bookless, as well as Ruth Padilla DeBorst, Ruth Valerio, Stephen Mbogo, Lowell Bliss, Rachel Mash and many others.

Check out the first video segment below, or click here to read the description and see the full outline of topics that are covered (scroll down the page). And be sure to contact us if you would like support or suggestions as to how best to use this fantastic tool in your own creation care outreach efforts.