Creation Care in the middle of turmoil

Even with chaos in the streets that grabbed headlines around the world, more than 200 people gathered in Hong Kong recently for a conference on creation care. The Hong Kong Conference on Creation Care and the Gospel was sponsored by the Lausanne/WEA Creation Care Network, though it was organized (and funded) by a local leadership team. The event was held at the main campus of the China Graduate School of Theology and featured keynote speaker Dr. Jonathan Moo of Whitworth College in the US. Dr. Moo is well known to us in the network as one of the contributors to the Jamaica Call to Action, the Lausanne library book Creation Care and the Gospel, and coauthor (with his father!) of Creation Care: A Biblical Theology of the Natural World.

Jonathan writes of his experience, “I came away with a deep affection for the people there and a heart that is broken for the city, as no one seems to see any good outcome. I also was reminded in the stories I heard of how profound are some of the environmental challenges facing people in mainland China (and, to a lesser degree, in Hong Kong—e.g., terrible air pollution the first several days of my visit) and more widely across southeast Asia. We can only pray that conferences like this one continue to motivate and encourage Christian leaders and churches seeking to model a different way of relating to and caring for each other and for the earth.”

Samuel Chiu’s full report is here. See below for some pictures from the conference.

. See below for some pictures from the conference.

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