Climate progress?

It’s easy to be discouraged about climate change these days. But there are some good things happening. This list from Climate Caretakers is encouraging and worth reviewing:

  • Led by Greta Thunberg, a very inspiring Swedish teenager, a dynamic and widespread youth movement is finally rising to lead the way on climate action.
  • In the United States, a group of 8 Senators just launched the Senate Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus with equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans.
  • Some model countries are making great strides toward their Paris Agreement goals, including Morocco (on track for 42% of it’s energy to come from renewables by next year) and Costa Rica (which has 98% of its electricity from renewables and looks to be carbon neutral by 2021).
  • New Zealand just passed near-unanimous legislation requiring carbon neutrality by 2050!
  • 130 of the world’s largest banks (holding $47 trillion in assets) launched an initiative to strategically align their business with combatting climate change.
  • Famous musicians, including Pink Floyd and Coldplay, are using their celebrity status to bring awareness and raise money to fight climate change.
  • Major media outlets are beginning to take Christian climate action seriously as we see Christian leaders speaking out (including Dr. Katharine Hayhoe in the New York Times and Rev. JoAnne Lyon in the South Bend Tribune) and in Christian publications (Christianity Today and Relevant Magazine)

Climate Caretakers is a ministry of Care of Creation and is one of the lead partners in the Christian Climate Observers Program at COP 25 next week. Click here for more about Climate Caretakers or to sign up for their weekly prayer updates.