Creation Care in Switzerland

Dave Bookless has been busy in Switzerland for the last several days. Here’s his summary of a number of events he participated in:

There was a series of Creation Care meetings, conferences and events in Switzerland from 20th-24th November, with Rev Dr Dave Bookless from A Rocha International / Lausanne speaking. These included:

  • 20th Nov. – Day Conference attended by 90+ people on ‘SE SOUCIER DE LA TERRE OU SE SOUCIER DES HOMMES ? APPROCHES THÉOLOGIQUES ET PRATIQUES  (‘Should we care for the earth or care for people? Theological and Practical Approaches’) at the HET-PRO bible college at St-Légier, organised in partnership with Stop Pauvrete (Micah French-Switzerland) and A Rocha Switzerland.
  • 21st Nov. – lunchtime public lecture with Q&A at Neuchatel University on ‘Christianity and Climate Change: A toxic combination?’ organised with the GBEU (Fnrech-Swiss InterVarsity).
  • 21st Nov. – evening public conference in Meyrin, Geneva on ‘Un Dieu: Zero Dechet’ (‘God Doesn’t do Waste’) attended by c.100 people coinciding with the launch of the French translation of Dave Bookless’ book ‘Un Dieu: Zero Dechet’, organised by Stop Pauvrete  and A Rocha Switzerland.
  • 22nd Nov. A Rocha Switzerland working party, time of sharing and prayer, and wildlife walk based at Essert Pitet.
  • 23rd Nov – National Conference on #ZeroHunger organised by StopArmut (Micah German-Switzerland) held in Aarau and attended by 400+. Dave Bookless gave a keynote address on ‘A Biblical Vision for Sustainable Agriculture’ and led an hour’s Q&A session on ‘the Bible and Creation Care’.
  • 24th Nov – Dave Bookless preached twice on ‘Christ the King of Creation’ in English-speaking churches in Basel.

For many Swiss evangelical Christians, these events broke new ground and there was real excitement at a vision of Jesus as Lord that integrates creation care into worship and discipleship. As well as all the speaking engagements, Dave Bookless did several interviews for radio and newspapers, and his talks were filmed for ‘Dieu TV’ to be broadcast across the Francophone world.