Creation Care round table meeting in Russia

The first Ecology meeting in Russia took place in Saint-Petersburg on 22nd January, 2020, sponsored by Hodos Institute. Pavel Kolesnikov, Lausanne Regional Director for Eurasia, sent us this report:

HODOS Institute, under the leadership of Alexander Negrov, was the one to organize the event. The following representatives participated in the «Creation Care and Leadership” Round table: Orthodox, Catholic, Evangelical Christians, The Salvation Army; business people, ecology experts, leaders, pastors, philosophers, and theologians. 

The reports were very interesting. Everyone agreed on one purpose: Responsible leadership for solving ecology issues. A good collection of materials has been prepared, including the 3rd Lausanne Congress in Cape Town, International Council in Jamaica etc.

The work has started!

We have also received the following video report (sorry, you’ll need to study up on your Russian!):

Event invitation