How about fasting for change this Lenten season?

Climate Caretakers, a US-based ministry of Care of Creation, is offering a different sort of spin on the idea of fasting for Lent. If you sign up for their ‘Carbon Fast‘ they will send you an email each week offering ideas and suggestions as to how you can fast in ways that will raise your own awareness of some of the issues around climate change, as well as begin to make a difference in the world.

Some of the weekly themes they are covering between now and Easter are:

  • Week 1 (Feb 26): Electricity
  • Week 2 (Mar 2): Spending
  • Week 3 (Mar 9): Silence
  • Week 4 (Mar 16): Meat
  • Week 5 (Mar 23): Driving
  • Week 6 (Mar 30): Media
  • Week 7 (Apr 6): Ignorance

We particularly like that last one . As they say, “Lack of knowledge about how climate change works is one of the primary barriers preventing us from talking about it more often. We can all learn more, and this will help us be better climate caretakers.”

And be sure to read the fine print! #3 – Silence fast is not fasting silently, but fasting from silence by talking – about climate change with your friends and family.

Try it out – and let us know how it goes. Or tell us what other ways you might be using this Lenten season to focus more on God and his creation.