Cyclone Amphan Update

In the midst of racial unrest and a global pandemic, other crises continue to occur. The world was briefly aware of Cyclone Amphan striking India and Bangladesh, but then other concerns quickly pushed that story off of our screens.

We have received an update from EFICOR in India. The main bullet points are below; you can read their entire report here:

  • All the agricultural lands were destroyed due to entering the saline water and the crops were collapsed. 
  • Almost all thatched houses are marooned in the flood water, all the furniture were destroyed and nothing is left in their hands.
  •  All the people are in the evacuation centre and consuming the food that is available in the centre.
  • People are unable to maintain the social distance due to the crowd in the evacuation center. Due to this, people are fearful and in trauma.
  • Health & Hygiene: The affected community is inundated with water and after three days slowly water began to recede and due to this high possibility of spreading the water borne diseases, skin infections, mosquito breeding and snake bites etc.
  • The sanitation is a big challenge as most of them are practicing open defecation near highway and rail embankments. Mainly women and children are the most vulnerable to have easy access to various facilities like sanitation, drinking water and the issue of safety and security as most of them are living in relief camps. 
  • Many livestock have been washed away in the floodwater, which is one of the household incomes of affected families. In most of the houses they rear the livestock as an alternative source of income, the most of the HHs, which have lost their livestock, are completely dependent upon their livelihood.
  • The most vulnerable are women, aged, disable and children as they are deprived of access to various facilities and food assistance

Donations to EFICOR’s efforts can be made here.