Time to Reboot?

Rebooting: When a computer or other electronic device has got so messed up that the only solution is to turn the thing off and start over again. That is what corona virus has done to the global economy and to all of our societies.

Tearfund UK has a new campaign to help us do just that: Reboot while we restart:

The coronavirus crisis has changed the way we see the world. It’s reminded us of the fragility of life and exposed deep inequalities in society. As churches and communities adapt to find new ways to be a light in the darkness, many are reimagining what life could be like.

As we respond to the crisis and rebuild economies across the world, we have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a better reality together, where every person can flourish – along with all of creation.

Tearfund has launched a new campaign and discussion guide to help Christians play their part in bringing about a fairer, more sustainable world. www.tearfund.org/reboot

The UK version of the campaign calls on the UK Prime Minister to take 5 steps to respond & reboot the economy in a way that prioritises the poorest, tackles the climate emergency and creates a better world for everyone. However, Tearfund have also released The World Rebooted, a short paper, discussion guide and video for churches anywhere to use to explore big questions around ‘rebooting’ our world, as well as a blog – Imagining a better world.

For more information or questions contact campaigns@tearfund.org