Little Adventures, Big Connections: A Nature Program for Children

Jared Goodykoontz a school naturalist and children’s author/illustrator in Columbus, Ohio (USA), had a dream job, helping over 400 two through six-year-old children to connect with nature each week. He created the program from scratch after reading Richard Louv’s “Last Child in the Woods,” among many other resources.

Then came COVID-19. School was closed – but Jared missed his kids. Here’s what happened:

At first, I was saddened by the shutdowns… I wouldn’t get to see all my students. My thoughts quickly flipped to, “Hey, these kiddos aren’t going to get weekly nature class… for a while” and then “These kids’ entire lives are going to be really off-schedule and strange and their parents are going to be stressed.” The words of my hero, Mister Rogers, rang in my head: “Look for the helpers.” How could be a helper?

Knowing routine is critical for a child’s sense of security, I decided to keep nature class going the only way possible—through daily videos. I thought seeing a familiar, smiling face every day from “back when things were normal” would be soothing for all these kids and parents. I had been asked about doing a nature show several times before, but my aversion to screen time always made me say no. Now it was my only option. But I wanted it to be different. I wanted it to be interactive. I wanted it to be more than 20 minutes of chipmunk facts and songs.

Combining elements from Dora the Explorer and again, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, I have started working on a YouTube show called Little Adventures Big Connections based on relationships. In the show, I talk directly to the viewers, frequently invite them to pause and head outside listen for that bird song or to play CHIP CHIP, the Cardinal-version of Marco Polo. Throughout my videos, I am constantly inviting the families to try these ideas out in their own yards and to email me their discoveries or share them on our school’s private Facebook page.

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Jared has a YouTube channel with dozens of videos. Here’s a sample – if he reminds you of Mr. Rogers, I suspect that’s deliberate!