June 5: World Environment Day

The United Nation’s version of Earth Day, World Environment Day will be observed in many of our countries around the world on Friday, June 5. It is being officially hosted by Colombia and Germany with a theme of biodiversity. We hope you will take part wherever you are.

The World Environment Day webpage is here.

There will probably be a number of webinars and other online events marking the day. One that we are aware of is Connexions: Sustainable Food, Ecosystems and Biodiversity sponsored by the UNESCO Chair on Food, Biodiversity and Sustainability Studies.

In this webinar we’ll explore why biodiversity and ecosystems management are important components for building sustainable food systems. You’ll hear from researchers working directly with communities engaged in food production practices that are centred on biodiverse ecosystems. Drawing on community-based research in Brazil, Ecuador, and the Northwest Territories, you’ll learn about the unique challenges facing food systems actors and how communities are using agroforestry and other ecological food production principles to guide their work. 

Register for the webinar here.

If you want resources for your church, check out EFICOR’s Eco-Sunday materials here.