ROWCAST: A new tool from Renew Our World

The Renew Our World Campaign has added a regular podcast to their resource kit. Here are the details:

Welcome to the Renew our world podcast. Renew our world is a global movement of Christians who believe that since we are truly image bearers of God, we should act like it – living out love for one another in actions and in truth. Since we are image bearers of God, we won’t stand by while our neighbours are trapped in poverty, and we won’t stay idle as creation is left untended, and inequality is left to fester. 

In the podcast we are going to go on a journey together of discovering a theology of creation care. We’ll be discussing the latest in climate news, chatting with industry leaders, theologians, and practitioners and hearing from some of our incredible partners working on the ground. 

Join with us this season as we learn about creation care and what we can do in our lives to play our part in a bigger restorative story. 

Episodes are released regularly, and can be found at the Renew Our World website, Itunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.