New books of interest…

Several books have come to our attention this month that might be of interest to those looking to understand the pandemic, creation care, the pandemic and creation care – and how God can be seen to be at work even in situations we don’t understand.

From the UK comes this booklet by several friends of LWCCN, COVID-19: Environment, Justice, and the Future. Written by Ruth Valerio (when does she sleep?!?), Martin Hodson, Margo Hodson (yes, they are related), and Timothy Howles. The book covers the origins of the pandemic, environmental impacts of the lockdowns, and how we might begin to build a better, more just and sustainable future. Click here to order (it is available in digital format), or here or here for descriptive commentary.

Undivided Witness: Jesus followers, community development, and least-reached communities by [David Greenlee, Paul Bendor-Samuel, Mark Galpin]

Dr. Bob Sluka, A Rocha International’s esteemed ocean guy, has a chapter in Undivided Witness on Creation Care. Here’s the blurb:

Undivided Witness presents ten key principles linking community development and the emergence of vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the ‘least reached’. Twelve practitioners explore this uncharted missiological space, drawing on decades of serving and learning among communities in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and South, Central and Southeast Asia.

Available in Kindle format from Amazon.

Frederic Baudin is a respected pastor, church leader and prolific author in France. This is a translation of one of his recent works, and appears to be a good overview of the topic of creation care. Originally published in 2013, it won’t address Covid-19, but looks to be a solid introduction from an author with extensive experience in Africa, India and Haiti.

Also available in Kindle format.

Saying Yes To Life

By now you will have read Ruth Valerio’s superb Saying Yes to Life, which was featured in this year’s Lenten program by the Archbishop of Canterbury. (No, Ruth definitely doesn’t sleep much…) We now find that YouVersion, a popular and easy to use Bible app, has a devotional guide to go along with that book:


Here’s a link to the Saying Yes to Life devotional guide. Click here to learn more about YouVersion or look for it in your phone’s app store.