Call for Papers: Environmental Concerns and Global Health

The connection between environment and people’s health has never been more evident given the pandemic we are all living through. So we salute the Christian Journal for Global Health for seeking to tackle this issue head-on. The Call for Papers below has a deadline of next April, so there’s plenty of time to submit your research.

Here’s the Introduction to the CFP. More details at the link below:

There is burgeoning evidence that ecological and environmental change is having significant impact on human health. Though the causes are multifactorial, human behavior likely contributes significantly. There are both historical and emerging contemporary Christian environmental concern as a practice of stewardship on the earth. The international community has broadened its view of development and well-being to encompass the entire ecosystem based on emerging evidence expressed in the Sustainable Development Goals. Theologies of ecology are being rediscovered in Christian educational institutions, and newer generations have heightened conscientiousness regarding ecological systems, planetary health, and sustainability. There is enhanced awareness of the key factor of nutrition on individual, society and the land. Pandemics such as COVID-19 reveal our intimate interconnectedness with nature.