Opportunity for an Environmental Theology Researcher

Jobs in creation care don’t come along very often, and even less often for environmental theologians. So this is a rare opportunity that someone should take advantage of:

Tearfund has an exciting opportunity for theology research consultancy in the area of Environmental and Economic Sustainability (EES). This topic, EES, is one of Tearfund’s corporate priorities, and we’ve prioritised focussing on the theology that undergirds this work. One of Tearfund’s working objectives is the development of a theological framework that is biblically robust, theologically articulates an economic ethic of stewardship toward creation, and reflects the diversity of thought from the different contexts in which Tearfund works. We will use the EES theology framework as the foundation to guide our work with policymakers, civil society movements, programmes, churches, and supporter education. We have completed some regional research in Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean, and have research in Asia ongoing. We are now looking for a consultant for the remaining three related but distinct work packages: (these three work packages are to be held together;we would like applicants to bid for all three together).

  • Global North regional EES theological research paper
  • Middle East regional EES theological research paper
  • Global EES theology framework

The full Terms of Reference is attached (click here). Please feel free to share this with others in your networks who might wish to apply. We are taking applications for this consultancy until 15th November 2020 (if longer is needed, please contact me). Details for application are included in the ToR (see here), but please don’t hesitate to contact me if there are any questions.