Do you know what a nurdle is?

We didn’t think so. You need to know – these tiny bits of plastic are everywhere, and are causing all kinds of damage. Nurdles have been found in almost every body of water around the world.

Now ‘The Great Nurdle Hunt” is seeking to document the problem with the help of ordinary people, ‘citizen scientists’. That’s you, if you live anywhere near an ocean, lake or river. Here’s the main website for the nurdle hunt and a form where you can report your findings. You can even upload pictures of the results of your own hunt.

It took billions of us to pollute the oceans with plastic. Let’s see if we can mobilize at least some thousands of people to start the clean up process!

Here’s an A Rocha blog entry on the hunt:

A Rocha’s marine conservation globally has developed projects to study nurdles using methods that non-scientists can join in with. The method is simple, search for a set amount of time on a coast, river or lake and upload your results to the Great Nurdler – a global partner documenting citizen science nurdle hunts globally. Visitors, students at Coastal Community School, Titusville High School, Eastern Florida State University, churches, and families have all contributed to our study of nurdles on Florida’s Space Coast, which includes the amazingly beautiful Canaveral National Seashore here near the Kennedy Space Center. I gave a talk on our research at the International Marine Conservation Congress and put together a short, non-academic video showing what the sites are like and also some of our results. Thank you to the many A Rocha supporters and friends who contributed to this study.