God, Country and Climate Change: *Free* course at Houghton College

There are good things happening at Houghton College, a small Christian college in New York state that is doing big things with creation care. In 2015 they installed what was then the largest solar system of any college in New York State (3.1 million kilowatt hours). This year they introduced a new Environmental Studies major. And now Brian Webb, the guy behind all of that, wants to share the wealth with you with a free online course: God, Country and Climate Change: A Christian Perspective on a Global Problem.

Here’s the description; note the experts you will be interacting with. Click through for more details:

This spring, Houghton College will be offering a FREE online course called “God, Country, and Climate Change: A Christian Perspective on a Global Problem.”  The course will be taught by Brian Webb, the founder of Climate Caretakers and an Instructor of Environmental Studies at Houghton College.  The course aims to help Christians develop a biblically grounded and scientifically robust understanding of the climate crisis.

The course will delve into the complex intersections between faith, science, and politics, and will feature guest lectures from some of the top global experts in their field.  Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about climate science from Katharine Hayhoe.
  • Study scripture with New Testament scholar, Jonathan Moo.
  • Explore innovative climate solutions with Elizabeth Bagley at Project Drawdown.
  • Discuss the complex psychology behind climate beliefs and denial with skepticalscience.org founder John Cook.
  • Examine the complexity of climate politics with former Congressman Bob Inglis.
  • Learn about the intersections between climate change and social justice from Rev. James Bhagwan.
  • Discuss climate change as a public health issue with Edward Maibach.
  • Consider the spirituality of climate action with Lowell Bliss.

The course is offered for FREE in webinar format, though participants may also take it for credit ($1,176) or audit ($150).  Credit and audit students receive full access to supplementary lectures, forum discussions, and the opportunity to interact live with guest speakers.

The course will be held Wednesday evenings from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. ET from March 17 – May 5.

Please visit www.houghton.edu/climate-course to learn more or to register.