NEW FROM MICAH GLOBAL: ‘Redeeming all things: Integral Mission & Creation Care’ by Rachel Mander

Rachel Mander has given us a new resource – a short, 50-page primer, Redeeming All Things: Integral Mission and Creation Care. This is published by Micah Global, and is available in paperback or e-book format through Amazon.

Here’s the blurb:

Is caring about climate justice and investing in creation care part of our mandate as Christians today? Is it core to the gospel or is it merely a trending distraction? If you have heard anyone argue the latter, or have asked yourself this question – this M.Series booklet, Redeeming All Things, will help answer that in 50 short pages. In this booklet, Rachel Mander explains very clearly and simply why creation care is core to us living out the gospel, a key part of the proclamation and demonstration of this good news. Mander reminds us: “In the words of John Stott, “The gospel itself includes God’s creation as well as his work of redemption.”

Incidentally, Micah’s M-Series has a number of books that you might find useful, all short and easy to read. Check out the series here. (Rachel’s has not yet been added to this list).

Order from Amazon here.