Central Europe loses a giant: Remembering Corneliu Constantineanu

The church and the creation care movement have lost another leader – this time to Covid. Our sisters and brothers in the Central European region are mourning the loss of one of their own recently. Corneliu Constantineau was a key evangelical leader and strong supporter of the creation care movement in that area. Steve Michmerhuizen, who is recovering from Covid himself, shares this:

With sadness we announce the passing of Prof. univ. dr. habil. Corneliu Constantineanu of Timisoara, Romania on March 17, 2021.  Dr. Constantineanu was a warm, friendly, brother in Christ to many, father and husband to his family, and constant supporter of our work in Creation Care.  As a scholar, Corneliu was a brilliant theologian, prolific writer and editor whose contributions to the theological debate and development in this part of the world have been stopped short by his departure from our crowded hours together in classroom, conference and congregation.  Our series, Creation Care in Central and Eastern Europe recognizes his indefatigable support and enthusiasm for bringing God’s people into full understanding of our role as stewards of God’s Good Creation. 

There is more from Dr. Chris Wright at Langham:

In all the tributes that have poured in, a common note is that people will remember Corneliu not just for what he did and accomplished, but for who he was, for his spiritual zeal, his warmth and generosity, his wide smiles and welcoming hugs, and his inimitable and infectious laugh. Like Daniel, a man greatly loved and highly esteemed. 

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