New Nature-based Sunday School Curriculum

Jared Goodykoontz, a self-described naturalist based in Ohio (US), has put his Covid lock-down year to good use. He’s created a new creation care Sunday School curriculum. Check it out! (Pictures below):

So as a school naturalist working with young kiddos and a former Sunday School teacher… I’ve always wanted to combine the two: my love for God AND for His Creation. And I wanted to share this with the kids to not only inspire a love of Creation, but perhaps provide opportunities for God to “meet them in the woods”. I taught Sunday School at a large church and noticed it was all videos, worksheets, and crafts. Those aren’t inherently bad… but I also noticed the kids’ glazed over faces and lack of excitement to be there. Jesus isn’t boring!

Long-story-short… I did something about it. This past year I’ve had more home time to work on things (as we all have) and so I finally made a nature-based Sunday School Curriculum. It’s filled with scripture, science, movement activities and all sorts of hands-on, real stuff. The main thing is it’s flexible (following the Reggio Emilia approach) and can use any church ground (even one’s NOT located in a national park). I’m thinking a lot of churches will want to be outside as much as possible or even 100% this year, so we might as well connect to the outdoors while we’re having outdoor church!

Here’s some more info:

(It includes a video demo… with special guests!)

Here’s a peek inside: