Biologos Creation Care Summit: This weekend, online, and FREE*!

One of the signficant advances we have seen in the last 10 years has been the willingness of many organizations that do not specialize in creation care (there are very few of us, after all) to take up the cause.

Case in point: Biologos, an organization you really should know about, whose mission is “Science and Faith. Working Hand in Hand”, is hosting a major Creation Care Summit this weekend. It’s coming out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, online, and “pay what you can”. (Not only that. The lead story on their website right now is “Why Should Christians Care for Creation“. )

You can find out more about the Summit here. The program has scientists well represented, as one would expect from Biologos – but the lead keynote is J. Richard Middleton (If you haven’t read his book A New Heaven and a New Earth (2014) you need to…) speaking on Being Human in a Sacred World. Here’s the description from Middleton’s talk just to whet your appetite:

What is the human purpose in God’s world? And how does creation care figure in that purpose? This presentation will sketch the biblical story from creation to eschaton, a sacramental vision that configures the earthly realm as God’s intended dwelling, which is now desecrated (never simply “secular”), but destined for transformation into holiness. This vision may empower the church for the exercise of wise and faithful human action in the healing of the earth, in anticipation of the day when Christ returns to make all things new.

See you there!

*The conference is actually “Pay What You Can”. If you can make a donation, please do so!