WEA Sustainability Center becomes part of the WEA Global Advocacy department

WEA Sustainability Center

The World Evangelical Alliance Sustainability Center (WEASC) based in Bonn/Germany has recently become part of the WEA Global Advocacy department. Over the past years, WEA’s engagement at the United Nations at key locations such as Bonn/Germany (Sustainability), Geneva (Human Rights) and New York (Peace, general UN liaison) has gained momentum leading to the creation of the Global Advocacy department to unite and coordinate these efforts. The department is led by Director Dr. Janet Epp Buckingham who has a doctorate in Public Law from the University of Stellenbosch/South Africa, is a Professor of Political Studies at Trinity Western University and lives in Ottawa/Canada. WEASC is co-led by Dr. Chris Elisara (San Diego/USA) and Matthias K. Boehning (Bonn/Germany.