Worship album about Climate Change coming soon

This is something we’ve been anticipating for almost a year: the release of Climate Vigil Songs, a new, original album of worship songs created for the Christian climate change movement. It’s coming officially on June 3rd, but you can have a preview now:

Climate Vigil Songs is a major new Christian worship album focused on our climate crisis. The Porter’s Gate Worship Project created the album in partnership with several other Christian organizations, including WEA. To experience the music and support the project, please visit the album crowdfunding page

The full album, set to release on June 3rd, has the potential to help millions more Christians see the connection between our faith, our commandment to love God & neighbor, and our shared calling to protect God’s good earth for God & neighbor. Interested organizations are invited to help distribute the album and its companion discipleship guide. Please contact celisara@worldea.org and peter@climatevigil.org for more information. 

The current list of artists includes

Artists featured in the album includes

  • Paul Zach
  • Latifah Alattas
  • Liz Vice
  • Audrey Assad
  • Jason Upton
  • Sara Groves
  • Jessica Fox
  • Molly Parden
  • Jon Guerra
  • Nick Chambers
  • Jonathan Ogden
  • Taylor Leonhardt