The Climate Vigil album is here!

We’ve been talking about the new album of climate worship songs for several months now. The wait is finally over – the album officially “dropped” yesterday, and is now available at Climate Vigil or wherever you get your music.

The album has 14 songs that are designed to be used in a worship context, and that are song by some of the biggest names in the world of Christian music, including Fernando Ortega, Molly Parden, Jonathan Ogden, Page CXVI, Terrian, Josh Garrels, Paul Zach, Audrey Assad, Jon Guerra, Taylor Leonhardt, Jessica Fox, Matt Maher, Jason Upton, Sara Groves, Liz Vice, and Nick Chambers.

Isaac Wordell, creative director for the project, says

Theologically speaking, we wanted this album to do three different things. First, we wanted to sing songs that celebrate the beauty and wonder of God’s creation, with a particular emphasis on God as an actor in the world. But we couldn’t stop there. The second thing we had to do was pause and say, ‘Something bad has happened here, and we are all responsible.’ We need to feel sorrow for what has been lost, so we wrote songs that give the church words to lament the devastation of God’s good earth. These are deep spiritual and Biblical expressions, not just political positions. Thirdly, we wanted to help people do something with these convictions, so we wrote songs for action and mobilization – music for the movement – where we say ‘yes’ to the work we are called to do. God is restoring all things, and He gives us hands & feet to help build His kingdom, on earth as it is in heaven.

You can find the music here at Climate Vigil. And check out the preview below.